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10 food trends that are set to take off in Singapore in 2020 by Jetstar

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

From hybrid spirits to heritage dishes, here are the food and drink trends taking over next year.

2019 was the year of plant-based meat and boba everything. What will the F&B scene look like in 2020? These industry insiders weigh in on the trends you might be seeing everywhere next year.

1. Cold brew coffee collars

“Jasper Jek, Co-founder of Super Simple"

“We’ve noticed a growing number of cold brew coffee brands collaborating with others to come up with new products, and I believe 2020 will be a huge year for this trend. For instance, Bootstrap Coffee from Bali worked with [local craft beer company] The 1925 Brewing Co. o develop a cold brew coffee beer.”

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