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Eunice Quek Food Correspondent recommends


There are days when all I want is a salad.

My new go-to chain is Super Simple+ at one-north. Unlike its sister outlets at International Plaza and China Square Food Centre, Super Simple+ has its own seating area and a slightly different menu.

What sets it apart is its uncomplicated approach to food. Its made-from-scratch ingredients speak for themselves. Salad dressings are made in-house with no additives and no sugar.

Build your own small, medium or large box (from $9.90) with an order form. The protein list includes tandoori chicken thigh, miso-glazed tofu and wild-caught barramundi. Add on supplements such as herbed zucchini, curried cauliflower, roasted pineapple and pickled beetroot. Top off your salad with dukkah, a petite herb mix or sakura ebi, followed by a pineapple-infused hot sauce or parsley pesto.

I like that the portions are generous. I leave feeling full, virtuous and pleased with myself for eating clean.

WHERE: 01-28/29 Galaxis, 1 Fusionopolis Place MRT: one-north OPEN: 11am to 3pm, 5.30 to 8pm (weekdays only) INFO:

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