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Eat like an Athlete

Growing up doing sports, you would constantly hear that the three most important things for good health and performance are proper training, at least 8 hours of sleep a night and good nutrition to support that all. Training is the “main” part of the job and sleep is easy to control by going to bed early enough, but nutrition? With all the hocus pocus and nonsense that the internet is full of, It is easy to get lost and hard to stay on track on what is really important.

To me nutrition is about two things: Quality and Enjoyment. To be able to train hard and stay healthy, I need a high amount of nutritious food. Also as a weight class athlete I need to be able to manage my weight.

Thankfully enjoying food and eating good, are not mutually exclusive when you know the basics of what you need and what you like. As boring as it may sound I try to eat a healthy, balanced, high protein diet. With 95% of the time eating clean the 5% when I really crave something, it does not rock my boat one way or the other. It´s just that simple. Super Simple (pun intended).

-Aleksi Toivonen

Professional Mixed Martial Artist

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